How much does it cost to build a website?

The cost of building a website mainly includes the following:

1. Domain Name: A “.com” domain name from Alibaba Cloud costs around ¥70/year. Other domain name extensions generally cost less than ¥70/year.
2. Server: Building 1-2 basic websites on Alibaba Cloud or Tencent Cloud will cost approximately ¥35-¥50/month. For larger websites or multiple websites, the cost can vary from hundreds to thousands of yuan per month, depending on the server configuration. There are other cloud server options available with different performance levels and lower prices. You can search and choose accordingly.
3. Website Development Service Fee: If you build the website yourself, you don’t need to consider service fees. If we handle the development, the service fee will be determined based on the specific requirements of each website.
4. Payment Gateway Setup Fee (depending on website functionality):

(1) Official WeChat Payment Channel: Requires a veryfied WeChat Service Account (¥300/year certification fee, and a registered company is needed).
(2) Official Alipay Payment Channel: Usually free, only requires a registered company for application.
(3) EPay: One-time setup fee of ¥50-¥100 for WeChat and Alipay channels, with a transaction fee of approximately 2% per transaction. The availability of channels may vary. Supports WeChat and Alipay payments with funds deposited into bank accounts or Alipay on T+1 basis.
(4) Hupijiao Payment: One-time setup fee of approximately ¥120-¥200 for WeChat and Alipay channels, with funds directly deposited into linked WeChat and Alipay accounts.
(5) MaPay: Setup fees vary depending on the specific third-party MaPay platform used.

5. Other Costs: Each website may involve different modules, so additional costs will depend on specific requirements.

Overall estimation: The initial fixed cost of building a website is approximately a few hundred yuan. The exact cost will vary based on the website’s functionality (excluding the website development service fee).

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