The following is an AI application for Expats Service.
1) Adopting AI Knowledge Base + AI Dialogue Guidance.
2)AI customer service: Access AI websites as AI application customer service
Description: Embed website/Access official account/Access WeChat/Access AI website/Access WeCom
This article explains the production of a “Expats Service AI APP” application, mainly introducing the method of building an AI Knowledge Base “Knowledge Base + Dialogue Guidance” template robot.

1、Creating a Knowledge Base

Create your own language model Knowledge Base, so that when AI applications answer user questions, they will refer to the content of the custom Knowledge Base.
(1) New Knowledge Base
As shown in the following page, select the Knowledge Base option – New – Knowledge Base.
(2)  Configure Knowledge Base
We choose the General Knowledge Base, which is the built-in Knowledge Base function of FastGPT, to import data locally. Give the Knowledge Base a name “Shopee Cross-border E-commerce” to facilitate memorization of the type of Knowledge Base. After configuration, select “Create”.
(3) Import the dialogue database
Now you can see that the Knowledge Base has been created on the interface. Next, select the “New/Import” button and choose a manual database, a text database, or a tabular database according to your needs.
(4) After importing, choose Q & A split or direct segmentation to complete the data import.
(5) When you see that the imported language database has become ready, the custom Knowledge Base can be used.

2、Create new apps

(1)Create a new application, enter the desired application name “Shopee Cross-border E-commerce”, and select the “Knowledge Base + Dialogue Guidance” template. Knowledge Base refers to the language model database we created ourselves, and the AI application will search for answers in the custom Knowledge Base after users ask questions. Dialogue Guidance refers to the interaction effect formed by the AI application with users in the initial stage, guiding customers to express their needs.
(2) Select the AI model of the AI application, fill in the prompt word, select the associated Knowledge Base, and enter the dialogue opening line
(3)Click Save and Preview to complete the creation of the AI Knowledge Base, which can be tested on the right side.
(4)Click Publish App to call the API externally to access the AI website, WeChat customer service, Feishu, WeCom customer service and other channels.
The above application cases can be applied to many application scenarios, mainly based on users or enterprises uploading Knowledge Base files independently, and answering users’ questions through AI based on Knowledge Base.
Follow us to learn more about the application cases of AI Knowledge Base external access to customer service or AI websites.