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Core Features of the System: Training AI Knowledge Base and Building Exclusive Applications

Website: https://chat.expats-hub.com/ (This site currently integrates the knowledge base interface)

If you need to train the knowledge base or directly use our pre-trained knowledge base (which is exactly the same as the experience website), please specify with customer service ~~

I. Core Features:

Various usage scenarios, achieving diversified AI system experience!

1. AI Applications: Train personal or company-specific knowledge bases with AI for use by foreign users;

2. AI Chat Q&A: Automatically provide answers through questioning;

3. AI Acting as Various Roles: Various AI roles built into the system to assist you in completing various tasks, aimed at foreign users.

II. Usage Scenarios:

The application of this system is wide-ranging, applicable in industries such as law, education, consulting, retail, e-commerce, and service industries, all of which can create proprietary local knowledge bases for customer use.

1. Customer Membership Activation: After training the local knowledge base with AI, it is made into a series of AI applications, and foreign customers pay to activate website membership for use.

III. Profit Model:

1. Recharge Frequency: Customers use the AI system by purchasing question and answer sessions;

2. Membership Activation: Customers activate website membership for unlimited usage;

3. Referral Commission: Passive income is automatically generated through user referrals.

IV. System Advantages:

1. Support for WeChat and Alipay Payments: EasyPay, CodePay, Official WeChat Pay, Tiger Skin Pepper, etc.;

2. Support for AI Voice Broadcast Output;

3. Support for Local Knowledge Base Training API Access;

4. Support for a Variety of Models such as GPT3.5/4.0+Claude+Gemini+Dall-e;

5. Support for Website Distribution Models;

6. Membership packages can be set by frequency or duration;

7. Support for Card Key Purchases;

8. Role and prompt word settings;

Note: AI application usage and local knowledge base training are two separate systems that work together.